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Written by: Sandi Duncan Clark


      Robin and Kim Rhoades once again chose the expertise of producer Randy Shelnut for their brand new recording. Randy had produced their last recording, giving them a quality product and a wonderful experience in the studio, so it was only natural that they trust him with this new one.

      Robin Rhoades wrote six of the ten songs on the project, including the title song, "He Covers Me." This one is my favorites from the recording. Along with Robin's contribution, they picked up four older southern Gospel favorites to round out the song selection. The arrangements are good with excellent music tracks.

      While Robin and Kim's musical style is traditional southern Gospel, some of the songs have a country flavor. To Kim's soprano and Robin's alto, Randy "Scoot" Shelnut Jr. added the baritone vocal to complete the harmony. He also played the bass guitar and drums on the project.

      These ladies do a good job on "He Touched Me," and "Called Out." They also selected an old standard hymn, which has been recorded by so many Christian, country and other secular artists, "Where The Roses Never Fade."

      Robin Rhoades shared that the title song, "He Covers Me," was written with the thought in mind that God protects all of us, and especially these two ladies when and wherever they travel. "Party On the Streets of Glory" talks of the rejoicing in heaven when a sinner walks the aisle. Robin also wrote this one.

      Each song is done well, and has a message for the listener. If you would like a copy for your collection, visit Robin and Kim's web site..

Written by: Sandi Duncan Clark

(Re-printed from the Southern Gospel Music Forum, Used By Permission)

U.S. Gospel News Magazine (Page 53)

The Many Travels Of Robin And Kim Rhoades

By: Sandi Duncan-Clark

    Several years ago during the Southern Gospel Music Awards Banquet in Gatlinburg, TN., I was moving through the crowd, taking pictures for my coverage of the event. I passed a table with two beautiful ladies, all dressed up and looking just grand! Of course I stopped to say "Hello" and for the first time, personally met Robin and Kim Rhoades.

    I was very much aware of these two sisters and their Music Ministry. I had even reviewed their recordings and videos, but had never had the honor of meeting them personally. Since that time, I've enjoyed...reviewed and just played more of their music. I've watched other videos and visited with them several times. And, I'm honored to say, I have made two terrific friends!

    Robin and Kim Rhoades travel thousands and thousands of miles each year throughout the Country, for Speaking and Singing engagements. They are continuing the legacy of their parents, Evangelist and Mrs. Bob Rhoades, who traveled for many years to a number of Countries, sharing the Gospel. With this background, the Rhoades Sisters formed a foundation for the Ministry God has called them to..Kim and Robin have been busy about their Heavenly Father's business.

    I caught up with Robin and Kim heading off to Carbondale, IL for a long weekend. "God has been so very good to us," Kim said. "We have been busier than ever and enjoying every moment of it!" One of the first exciting events of this year for Robin and Kim was their performance on a Gospel Cruise in February. "We were on the Singing News Cruise to Mexico, and have been asked to participate again..." Robin stated.

    Along with their traveling throughout the United States, their music is heard worldwide, via television. "We've been very blessed to appear on "The Hour of Healing" with Richard Roberts in our hometown of Tulsa, OK," Kim said. Their travels have taken them from California to the East Coast and numerous states in between.

    "Needless to say, we've had some 'exciting' travel experiences," Kim laughed. "And, all of them have not been funny!" The ladies recalled an incident during a concert trip to San Diego, CA. "While we were there, we decided to walk across into Mexico to do some sightseeing," she continued. "We had parked in the parking lot of the Burger King and when we crossed back over the border into California, we saw some people breaking into the van! We started running toward them shouting and they ran away..!"

    Another time the ladies were leaving Baltimore, MD headed for Nashville, TN. Kim told the story, "Robin was driving and there was a small car in front of us trying to pass a flat bed trailer truck with huge culvert pipes on the back. The tie-downs on the big pipes broke and they started rolling off the back of the truck. The little car slowed up and we both cried out the Name of Jesus."

    Kim continued, "Robin was able to get the van up on the concrete median in the middle of the road and we got past the truck. The little red car followed us without accident too!".

    When I asked Kim to share something about Robin that fans might not know, she quickly said, "Robin can set up a GREAT sound system." When Robin was asked to share something about Kim, she said, "People don't know just how sweet and funny she is! She has a terrific sense of humor!"

    While the ladies are only four years apart in age, they often feel and react much like the stories we hear of twins. "It's not unusual for us to dress for our Concert or Church Service and both of us walk out with the same outfit on," Kim said. "Or, go to a department store to shop and head out in different directions. When we get back together to head home, both of us have bought the same (outfit)."

    There's a brand new Recording from Robin and Kim available for our enjoyment in July. "He Covers Me" was produced by Randy Shelnut of the Dixie Echoes, in his Echo Sound Studio in Pensacola, FL. Robin wrote six of the ten songs on the recording. The ladies picked up four grand old favorite Gospel songs to round out their new album.

    Along with the new project, they have a new music video available, and the possibility of their own television program. "We used to host our own TV show and we have the experience for this," Kim said. "We would really enjoy doing it again....

    "God has also laid it on our hearts to do city-wide Concerts," Kim said. "We want to go into towns across America and promote the entire concert ourselves. We have that background with Dad and the Evangelistic Ministry."

    Without a doubt, Kim and Robin Rhoades have traveled many roads. They have experienced many things in their..Ministry. Both agree that they want to continue doing this for many, many years!  

(Re-Printed from the U.S. Gospel News,Used by permission.)

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