Lindsay & Richard Roberts

"...Kim & Robin Rhoades are two greatly anointed ... women. Their Ministry in song on our nightly Telecast, "The Hour of Healing," has been a great blessing.

"They are not performers but ministers of the Word of God in Song. They are dedicated to the Lord and wherever they go, people are blessed".

Dr. Richard Roberts
Evangelist & President of
Oral Roberts Ministries,
Tulsa, OK

Editor's Note: Kim & Robin have ministered in song at: The Lindsay Roberts Women's Conference held at the ORU Mabee Ctr; the Roberts Ministries Partners Meetings; on Lindsay Roberts' TV Program "Make Your Day Count" and countless times on "The Hour of Healing/Your Place For Miracles" TV Program with Richard and Lindsay.

Pat Harrison

"...Kim & Robin Rhoades have taken Jesus at His Word when He said, "Go ye therefore..." (Matthew 28). They go in the power of the Spirit and the love of God.

"They are precious ministers who love the Lord, believe His Word, walk by faith and live with integrity. Because Robin & Kim know the joyful sound (Psalms 89:15), they know how to enter the Lord's presence in worship and bring others with them".

"Robin & Kim are a joy and a delight to me. I know they will be a blessing wherever they minister".

Pat Harrison
President, FCF Int'l
CEO H.H. Publishing

Editor's Note: Kim & Robin have ministered in song numerous times at the FCF International Conference, Tulsa, Ok. .

Robin, Kim, with Rev and Mrs. Billy Joe Daugherty

"...Robin and Kim Rhoades are for real! They are genuine Christians with a powerful anointing...they have been raised in a family that is sold out to Jesus. All these two know is serving God 100%.

Their objective is not performance....they want to see people saved.....We believe these two women of God are at the top when it comes to being sincere and dedicated. Wherever they go, you can expect God's presence to be revealed."

Pastor and Mrs. Billy Joe Daugherty
Victory Christian Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Editor's Note: Kim & Robin have ministered in song numerous times at Victory Christian Center's Church Services. They (and their parents) have been guest speakers countless times at Victory's various Bible Institutes and Training Centers; Robin and Kim were also asked to preach at Victory Christian Center Church (For a DVD of that Service click here and order the "Campmeeting Service" DVD)

"...I believe (the Rhoades) are concerned about the lost and hurting and have a real heart to help people. I have been blessed by the Ministry of the Rhoades personally. Their family is a testimony of God's grace on their lives...I believe they will be a blessing to any who will receive from them..."

Rev. Keith Moore

Pastor Faith Life Church

Branson, MO. and Sarasota, FL

"...We had the privilege of having Robin and Kim Rhoades in our evening service at Emmanuel Free Will Baptist Church. These Sisters in Christ were truly a blessing to our Church. They possess a humble spirit and a desire to be led by the Lord...(They) sang a variety of songs, but each song proclaimed the Gospel of Christ.  I thank God, He has people who are willing to travel for Him to spread the Gospel because they love the Lord. We, the Emmanuel Free Will Baptist Church of Lakeland, Florida, recommend to you Robin and Kim Rhoades."

Rev. Lee Craddock

E. Freewill Baptist Church

Lakeland, FL

"Dear Robin and Kim,

Thanks so much for coming to minister to us at Richland. You were a delight to meet and your Ministry of music blessed ladies are like a breath of fresh air!! Your humility and sincerity were readily apparent. And your love for the Lord and the desire that He be lifted up, came through in every song. Thanks again for your Ministry to us. And may God's continued blessings be yours everyday.

Rev. Stan Coker
Richland Free Will Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

 Dear Robin and Kim:

"...It was a pleasure having you at our Church...the response has been wonderful. You both have such a giving and loving spirit. You let your light shine through such wonderful and caring smiles. The music ministered to our Congregation and they were so glad to meet you and have you minister at our morning services. Many at Edgewood Assembly of God will still be hearing your beautiful voices with its perfect sisterly harmony in the years to come since many of the people in the Congregation purchased your tapes. We will continue to pray for your Ministry and hope that you will keep in touch."

Rev. Thomas M. Twigg, Jr., Senior Pastor

Edgewood Assembly of God

Edgewood, Maryland

"Dear Robin and Kim,

Thank you for your ministry at the Elkton Church of God..Your singing (was) anointed and you both have such a beautiful way of presenting yourselves...I appreciate (your) tape you gave me. I have listened to it a number of times.. and have been greatly blessed...I am so glad you were able to come and look forward to a future opportunity to have you...I pray God  will continue to bless and use you..." 

Pastor C. Calvin Woodring
Church of God, Elkton, MD.

"Dear Robin and Kim,

I want to thank you for the splendid job you did in ministering to us. You have rendered an invaluable service to our congregation and community. It was a joy to watch you. share in ministry....we would like to 
plan next year's celebration. The service was an outstanding success in every 


Pastor Carlton L. Cannon, Sr.
Smyrna Church of God
Smyrna, Delaware

Many other letters of recommendation are on file in the Rhoades Ministry Office.


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